Enchanted by the power of a well-composed image, I began my photography journey in 2009 and have been in the business of capturing fleeting moments professionally since 2012. Specializing in portrait photography, I am forever chasing those honest in-between moments: a burst of laughter between poses, a secret, loving glance between husband and wife during a family session, a peaceful exhale when no one is watching.

I strive to create images with a heartbeat and a soul. I consider myself as more than a photographer. I am a storyteller.

As a portrait photographer, my work is all about humanity and relationship. I value my clients, and my relationship with them, above all else. I do not just consider those I photograph to be my clients; I consider them my friends. During weddings, I am that helping hand to correct a goofy boutonniere or help Grandma up the stairs. During family sessions, I am the funny face that makes Baby light up in delight. During senior sessions, I am the supportive friend assuring that yeah, you really do look THAT good!

I thrive on frenetic energy and embrace the crazy! When I’m not meeting with clients, off on a shoot or editing images, you can catch me wrangling my 3 children, snacking on tacos with my fourth-grade-crush-turned-husband or working on the farm.

Trends may come and go, but the magic of a moment is forever. And I’m here to make sure it doesn’t pass unseen.

I look forward to meeting you and telling your story! Drop me a line by clicking here, and let’s capture some magic!

Here are some REAL life shots of my life …