Betty Boyce Photography 2k17

I am sitting here at my dining room table at 10:30pm ( I had a coffee milkshake at the movie theater this evening ... we watched Rogue One) and learning my new website and all it has to offer.  I am LEARNING every day about my business.  You see, I have only been a "full time photographer" for just over a year now.  I have over a decade of photography experience but it started as a hobby, and then a hobby I was obsessed with and then a hobby I couldn't pull myself away from and having a full time career and young children and a family didn't make it easy ... there wasn't enough time.

I sit here though and look back over the past couple years.  This time of year (you know, it's Oregon and it rains a lot so I don't have as many sessions) is when I "clean up", I go through all old files, reorganize my computer files and programs, transfer to external hard drives etc.  This gives me time to also look back at previous years work (images) and I LOVE seeing how I grow in my craft.  You see, almost every professional artist you meet will always say something along the lines of "gah, I messed that up", "I can do better", "I can't believe I missed that" ... meanwhile, you're looking at a gorgeous picture/painting/sculpture etc. and wondering "what the heck are they talking about!?! this is AMAZING"  ... but every artist uses every piece of work as something to learn from.  

I don't just take your portraits, throw them on my computer and slap some computer generated filter on them and send them to you. No, No, No my friends.  This is my passion!  I look through and cull the BEST of the BEST images and when I have those, I go through and edit the RAW file and CREATE the final product which I am every so excited for you to see! Once images are edited and uploaded to your gallery, I still have work to be done.  ADVERTISING!  today's market is mostly about social media so I hop on and post a sneak peek of your images to Facebook usually the same day as the session because I know my clients are itching to see what we created.  So you get your sneak peek and you are so excited you use the image to change your profile photo right!?! YES!  and that is 100% perfectly OK to do, but PLEASE, please share the photographers original post to your page, tell your friends and family who took those pictures that you are so excited about because THAT is how my business survives and I am ever so grateful and honored that you love my work! 

This past week I have slaved at my computer (at least one day I didn't even get out of my jammies!).  I am LEARNING how to improve my business because not only do I have artistic goals but I also have business goals!  I left a pretty solid federal career last year to follow my dreams of running my own business and you guessed it, it's not all skittles and rainbows.  It's WORK!  But I love it, I love the challenge and I love what I do which is all I can ever want.  But learning how to run my business is ever changing, it's a field where anyone with a camera can be a "photographer" so how do I stand out?  How do I get the clients I want? That, is what I am learning this week.  

In an effort to stand out, I have (with the help some some AMAZING friends) created this new website and am setting it up to WORK for me!  A fresh new look, new content and a new audience.  I have big goals for 2017, I know where my flaws have been and I want to do better.  I want to provide a better EXPERIENCE to my clients.  I want you remember your session, how much fun it was, how your children had a great time or how YOU never felt so beautiful and confident in front of a camera!  

Thank you for reading this post, even that is supporting my business and I am ever so grateful for your time!  I hope you continue to follow my work and hopefully see you in front of my lens soon!