Something Magical


I don't even know where to begin on last night's session ... I feel like I have had some sort of "awakening" in my perspective and creative/photographer brain ... I am visualizing completely different locations and ideas and when one comes to life and is absolutely PERFECT ... my heart skips a beat.

Yesterdays editorial styled couples session started at Sheraya and Laremy's home  in Stayton where "The Team" met up to beautify Sheraya to her liking.  

Makeup Artist:  Sandi Jarquin (IG: @sandi_jarquin) 

Hair Stylist: Tony Ceja (IG: @lylacdoesdrag)

We looked over formal dress options and made sure Laremy had a suite that worked with 2 dresses so we could shoot 2 different looks.  I almost passed out when I saw her sequin dress and a million ideas flooded my head!  It was a little over an hour drive to the destination which I had seen a friend post some family hiking photos of and HAD TO GO ... The location is called Horse Rock Ridge and is near Sweet Home.  It is another world!  I want to build a tiny cabin up there and just BE .... 

Enough words, Sheraya and Laremy KILLED it!  They are everything, their love is gushy and amazing and they were so much fun!

If you are finding yourself wanting something a bit "extra" like this ... go to my contact page and let me know!


Betty Boyce