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You guys!!!  I am so excited!

For the past couple years of running my business I have been relying so much on social media to share my images and reach clients ... no more.  I have spent weeks now doing research and better educating myself as to how I grow, that is after all the goal right!?! to grow our businesses and reach clients and give them what they desire ... my fine art portraits that they drool over?  Yes, that is the goal!  I love my clients SOOOOO much and only have them to thank for the current state I am in ... 

Social Media is super great, they are beautiful platforms to share my images and for YOU to share your images with your friends and family BUT only 6% of my followers ever see what I post.  That's right!!! only 6%!!!! Grrrrrr ... (insert cry emoji) You have elected to follow my page, you checked that box ... but unless you go directly to my page (Facebook or Instagram), chances are my posts won't be showing up in your feed.  I have come up with a solution to keep all my AMAZING followers (who shall now be considered and referred to as "My Tribe") in the loop seeing not only my latest content and images but also getting exclusive offers & discounts!  I want you to be the FIRST to see what I have to offer and I want to make sure you are seeing what you signed up for!

I am setting up an email list and when you subscribe to this email list you will receive my most recent BLOG post, upcoming events, special offers and DISCOUNTS ... You will receive details on upcoming events (styled mini sessions, boudoir events, my Black Friday MEGA sale etc) at least 2 days before they hit social media!

So what do you think?!?  Thank you so much for supporting me and furthermore my family!  When you support this small business you are literally putting cloths on children and food in their stomachs!  ... THATS IT!  Thank you Thank you THANK YOU!