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Home Birth - Albany, Oregon

Birth stories show so much real … so much emotion and they hold so much weight for remembering these moments as they fade in our memory. With a birth story being documented, you get to relive the emotion (without the pain) and you get to truly see the story of your little one making their appearance. Let the tears flow!

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Oregon Senior Portraits on the Farm - Salem, Oregon

Ally contacted me with the greatest idea for her senior portraits - she wanted to do them at her families farm just outside Salem, Oregon with all her amazing animal friends. The answer was of course … YES!!!!

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3 Tips For The Best Senior Portrait Experience

Senior Portraits are a traditional rite of passage for a high school student. But they aren't what they used to be: staid, format portraits shot in front of a mottled gray background. Today, an effective senior portrait showcases the personality of its subject, and is often shot on-location or outdoors.

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