Stop Dreading
Picture Day

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Hire me as your photographer and I will break the awkward barriers and put you at ease … Let’s keep it real and have a good time.

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.{ no pressure }.

I foster a “no pressure” experience from the very beginning. who needs pressure to be perfect, look perfect, act perfect etc. perfection is not at all what I seek or even feel is achievable so I focus on building a relationship with my clients and MAKe them understand their session has nothing to do with being perfect. I need you to be comfortable and open … to allow yourself to just be you and the magic will happen.

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communication is KEY …

without communication my business would fail 100%. You can expect to be in contact with me before/during/after your shoot and know exactly what to expect. nobody likes to play the guessing game or feel awkward to reach out and ask a question. send me an email, I will get back to you but I have a process to make sure you know what to expect.


what you see is what you get

have a look around my website, check in and have a look at my “recent work” and if you like what you see … then get in touch! I am who I am and I hope to convey that not only in my words but also in my work. I am drawn to light, color and vibrance which is reflected in my work. I am an open book when we meet so what you see is what you get. I am not out here to look like I have all my ducks in a row because if you ever visit my homestead you will know that is nowhere near the case! haha