Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses

Betty is amazing. She did our daughter’s engagement and wedding photos. I love how she did the engagement photos as part of the package so that she could get to to know the bride and groom better before the big day. Her photos captured my daughter and son-in-law perfectly. I can see them in every shot — they look amazing, and their personalities shine through. We will treasure these photos our whole lives.
— Shannon Riggs - Mother of the Bride

Hello and welcome to 2018 with Betty Boyce Photography!

I ended my 2017 with a brand new baby and it couldn't have been a sweeter ending to a fabulous year!  As I look back at my numbers and business from last year and look forward to this year there are a few things I am hoping to get a little help with.  

Social media marketing is HUGE for small businesses in your community.  This allows us to reach those in our community who are looking for our services an we hope will love what we are offering.  It provides a great platform for people to shop around and see what businesses offer and what their competitors offer as well.  This year, Facebook is changing their algorithms once again and this time it will be these small businesses (and those big corporations as well) who will feel the change.  For example, right now I have a 1700+ followers on my Facebook Photography Page ... when I post something (sneak peeks from a session, information for clients or potential clients, special events etc) only a TINY fraction (usually around 150-400) of my followers actually see what I post.  That is, unless I pay to "boost" my post in which I can then select a "target audience" by location, interests etc.

These boosted posts are a majority of my marketing expenses because they reach more people and bring in more clients than other forms I have and or have tried.  With the new changes coming though, my boosted posts will reach less people because Facebook wants your Newsfeed to show you what your friends are posting (and I largely support that idea because it brings us back to why we have Facebook ... our FRIENDS) and not what businesses are selling.  

THIS is where YOU come in! First of all (pretty please) credit your photographer, anytime you use one of their images on your feed tag them or put "Picture credit to Betty Boyce Photography".  This will go so far in helping new potential clients see my work and if you love your images, chances are your friends will too!  You see, the more "popular" a post is, the more attention and "reach" it will get.  It is as simple as you selecting the "like" icon and then leaving a comment, a simple one word or one emoji comment on my posts to let me know you enjoy seeing my work in your newsfeed.  Not only is this HUGE to me (showing me you love my work) but it will also ensure you keep seeing my posts and specials (when I run them).  This goes for all small businesses in your area, this is how they thrive, how they pay the bills, how they enroll their kids in ballet, remodel their old farmhouse or buy cute farm animals (or is that just me?), THIS is how you support those trying to support themselves by doing what they love. 


Look at this unboosted post and the "reach" in the bottom left corner (remember, this is out of my 1700+ followers) .  Notice how many "likes", "loves" and comments the post has .... 


Now look at this Boosted post (I spent $25 for more reach) ... again, notice the "organic reach" (what it reached without the boost), the "Paid Reach" (what I paid $25 for),  annnnd the "likes"/and comments ....


Finally, look at this unboosted post.  There is more traffic on this post.  Coments, "likes" etc. and LOOK AT THE REACH!  It does this because it is considered a "popular" post.  The more "attention" a post gets, the further that post goes (= less $ I have to spend which = more affordable sessions fees!) and THAT is how you show the love!

So here is what YOU can do ... First, go to my FB page and INVITE YOUR FRIENDS (if you would like to, I would LOVE IT)  see next image for how to do that:


and then, make sure you update your own Newsfeed settings here: 


Now, if you have made it this far and are STILL READING ..... THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!  I have so many goals I will be reaching for with my business this year and every little bit of support is felt on such a grand scale!  I look forward to decorating your newsfeed with my passion!

Betty Boyce