It's a Girl - Salem, Oregon Maternity Portraits


There's a precious baby girl, Zara Ha'ani Brown on the way for Jaimie, Chris and big sister Emille who couldn't be happier!

I really was hanging on to this session when it came to today's wild weather.  I knew it was going to rain off and on but thought the afternoon would be clear.  Because of everyones schedules, we decided to go ahead and "try", haha.  

It was raining when I arrived but there was a BEAUTIFUL rainbow in the background so we HAD to get that before it disappeared and thank goodness we did.  The rain was light off and on and this group was just perfect for the hike ... yes, I made the pregnant lady hike ... gotta get that view!  (don't worry, I totally checked with her beforehand).  

The session ended with hugs all around and I am excited to share these and share the fact that a little rain doesn't mean your session can't happen!