It's a REALLY small world!

A little over 2 years ago my family moved to South Salem and bought a little over-run homesteading property.  A very quaint 2 acres with a rustic old barn from 1937 and a property with loads of potential!  I have been living my childhood dream learning about and raising animals.  Goats, pigs, chickens, ducks, turkeys and rabbits.  I am learning my limits and have decreased lately the animals that do not produce something for our family (they are a lot of work so we better get something in return, haha).  I also have a lovely garden that I love to learn in ... growing food has really opened up a new chamber of my soul and I just want more, more, more!  

But ok ... back to the move.  Our kids started going to to local elementary school and in Ava's first year (kindergarten) she made a great little friend named Olivia.  She talked about her nonstop and then one day she came running up the driveway and said "MOM!!! Olivia lives just the next bus stop down the road!!! I NEEEEEED to have a playdate!". Well, I finally stopped by, met Olivias parents and the play dates started.  Kim and Tommy are wonderful people that I have enjoyed getting to know and share our love for food from our gardens as well as honey from Tommy's awesome bee hive and delicious jams and jellies made by Kim.  But here is the really ridiculously AMAZING part, Kim (Olivia's Mom) is actually the Cousin of my childhood BFF from growing up at the coast!!! Whaaaatttt!?! I found this out and just thought it was the coolest thing and what a small world we live in.

I have longed to get these sisters in front of my camera. Every time I see them and those big gorgeous eyes with cheeks full of freckles I get all giddy inside.  We had such a great time this week and I am loving these shots!