Makia: Class of 2019


Rewind a few days and the weather "looked" like it was going to be alright for today's senior session ... fast forward to today and it was a dump ... thank you Oregon Spring but I couldn't give up today's shoot!  I have been WAITING for more senior sessions and have had to reschedule too many sessions lately due to the weather so I did some crazy research and came up with what was the PERFECT plan!  I found this AMAZING greenhouse and OH MY!  I can barley type because I am in love with Makia's greenhouse shoot which is a first for me and something totally different than what I normally shoot!  I stepped out of that comfort zone and we had plenty of things we had to work around ... like, there was only a 16in path of walk space.  It was myself, my lovely assistant of the day Noel (@momentsbynoel on IG) and Makia ... in hand was my Nikon camera and trusty 35mm and 85mm lenses that I really on for 99% of my shoots.

Makia will be a senior at North Salem High School next year.  It won't be too much of a crazy year because she is one of those super awesome, put-together teens and only has 1 more credit needed to graduate.  After high school though she plans on taking it slow and starting at a local community college to better feel out what she wants to do (smart cookie).

Please let me know what you think about this saved session in a greenhouse!


Betty Boyce