In my time as a photographer I can think of so many memorable sessions and sessions that really stand out for specific reasons.  People hire me to capture memories, to document their "now", to share big news etc.  It is such an honor when a client contacts me with a special session request and last night was just one of those sessions.

Adela and Jeremy contacted me just under two weeks ago with a session request to have family portraits done to update their adoption profile in hopes of attracting the mother of a sweet baby girl to complete their family.  Having a 13 year old son of their own and a 7 year old son they also adopted as a newborn, they still felt the calling of their God to add a baby girl to their already beautiful family.

Adela and I exchanged several emails to make sure we planned the right kind of session and had the right type of location with beautiful color.  I used a favorite location of mine which is Keizer Rapids park in Keizer.  Though it was a bit windy, the lighting and almost Fall coloring were absolutely beautiful.  

I wish them the absolute BEST on this journey and will pray they get the baby girl they are longing for.  That a mother somewhere who is facing the hard decision to give their sweet baby to another family will see the Waldie family and know in her heart that her baby girl will grow up in a life absolutely full of love.  She will have two amazing brothers to watch out for her, protect her and guide her.  She will have a mother and father who will raise her in the house of God, with the best of family morals, patience and understanding.  She WILL be living the best life possible and she WILL be loved.

Betty Boyce