Home Birth - Albany, Oregon

Damn this Momma is a true warrior in home birth and I just can’t even ….

I am so incredibly honored any time someone asks me to document the birth of their child. Even more honored, when I get to do another baby from the same family just a couple years later!

I have photographed this couple (Tiffany & Kellen) since their engagement. After that, there was a wedding, maternity session, birth session, newborn session, family portraits twice, another maternity session and now this precious new baby boy joined the tribe last night weighing in at 7lbs 3oz of PERFECTION and I cried when she introduced me to him as the family photographer and one who documents their lives … (cue the ugly cry)

Momma sent me a text after 3pm to let me know the midwives were on their way and the contractions were strong and close together. I arrived around 4:30pm and got right to work documenting the laboring process and amazing support she had with her midwives, husband and sister (the power team). Her oldest son was also in the home but was sent to a family friends house. Before he left, he was able to give Momma some loves. This was an incredible moment for a mother who has doted over her young son and the thought that he is about to have his little world changed with the arrival of his baby brother. Pure emotion takes over.

Tiffany worked so hard, getting through each painful contraction until her water broke and then it didn’t take long before little Easton arrived after 6:40pm!

Birth stories show so much real … so much emotion and they hold so much weight for remembering these moments as they fade in our memory. With a birth story being documented, you get to relive the emotion (without the pain) and you get to truly see the story of your little one making their appearance. Let the tears flow!