Maternity and newborn family session: Portland, OR

There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t take a moment to reflect on how blessed I am to do what I do. I get to document so many amazing moments, families, love and more. I hear this a lot “but why are photographers so expensive? I could buy a nice camera and take nice pictures … cameras these days do all the work”.

All I think when someone says something like this is “it’s not about taking “nice pics” .. I am not in it to just take a good picture. I am in it to CREATE, to FEEL and to SHARE.

I get to CREATE amazing pictures yes, but it isn’t just the camera (that is just the tool), but the artist’s eye, their composition, and how they feel about what they are photographing.

I get to FEEL all the emotions when I am with my clients and am a part of their journey from newborns, family shoots with the wild and free, couples deeply in love and more. I feel such joy when I get to be a part of YOUR STORY!

And I get to SHARE … I get to share my art, my passion, my knowledge with clients, friends, strangers … feeling worthy is huge for our mental health … what makes you feel worthy? For me, it is my family and my work. When I deliver a gallery I am passionate about and I get amazing responses from clients like this beautiful family:

“Betty! I've been drooling over our photos all morning!! The ones you took of me with the three boys takes my breath away. Still sinking in that I'm an instant mom to three now! :) Thank you from the bottom of my heart for capturing us so beautifully, we are SO appreciative of your talent!”

THAT right there gives me goosebumps. That gives be a feeling of worth and THAT is why I do this. Documenting your moments, your journey … there’s nothing sweeter.

I have been documenting this beautiful family for a few years now, since big brother Eliot was just a few months old and my love for this family grows every time I get to be with them. This year I was surprised to hear they were expecting TWINS and I had to do an amazing maternity session which I later found out was one of the last weekends this momma was able to really get out and be mobile so I am grateful we were able to make it to such a beautiful location. Then, just a couple months later I joined them at their beautiful home in Portland, OR to see the boys and what a pleasure it was.

Please enjoy these family photos