What to Incorporate in your Senior Portraits

What do you get most excited about when you think about senior portraits? I often hear “just having really good pictures of myself”. But it should be so much more!

Senior portraits are a thing because it is a way of documenting your NOW … who you are right now. Besides just having really good pictures, your senior portraits should tell everyone who you are from your choice in outfits to anything you choose to incorporate.

So give it some thought. Are you into sports? Are you in to reading, animals, outdoor adventures, surfing etc. What makes you unique. I want to get to know you before your session and have as much time as possible to plan something that will show who you are in my photography. No, it doesn’t have to take over the shoot … but there are photographers out there with different styles so knowing what you want is kinda a big deal.

Before you book your senior portrait photographer, take a little time and brainstorm what you want those images to look like, what you want to incorporate and then research photographers who are willing to incorporate those items in a way you want.

Zach here, is a super laid back guy with an amazingly warm personality. He’s the kinda guy that smiles at everyone and everything and you know you will get along. He is also LOVES playing football and wanted to incorporate that but not in a “over-the-top” kind of way but more of a casual representation. So here we are hanging out with the football like it’s no big deal.